Thursday, March 11, 2010

Create Powerful Videos that Improve Your Marketing Strategy

How to Create Powerful Videos that Improve Your Marketing Strategy

When you create powerful videos, you improve your marketing strategy audiences respond. Being able to create powerful videos that move others to action can boost your business. Create powerful videos and watch as they are passed from prospect to prospect, building their own momentum.

Let the Customers Tell the Story

Nothing helps to create powerful videos more than a real, true testimonial. Create powerful videos by simply having someone relate their story, as in “I was just like you, but I did x, and look at me now.” It works with weight loss commercials – another industry that knows how to create powerful videos – it works with anything.

The Power of Three

To improve yor marketing strategy, create powerful videos using the number three – three testimonials, three key selling points, three examples. The power of three applies when you want to create powerful videos. Three is the magic number that moves people to conviction… and then to action. Three is key when you create powerful videos.


Another tool to use to create powerful videos is the use of repetition. If you watch a well-crafted infomercial, it will repeat the benefits of the product periodically throughout the video. Thus, you can improve your marketing strategy by hitting the high points over and over, in a slightly different manner each time. Striking the right balance is necessary to create powerful videos.

Hire a Professional

Unless you have experience and are able to create powerful videos, it may make sense to outsource both the copywriting and the production. There is an upfront expense in creating powerful videos, but good marketing pays handsomely on the back end.

Look for a company with experience in infomercials to create powerful videos. Infomercial product pitchers are a prime example of an industry that has learned to create powerful videos. They create powerful videos that motivate millions of buyers every year to pick up the phone or logon to the Internet.

Keep it Tight

It’s really not about the length when you create powerful videos. It’s about tempo and timing. It pays to get a second opinion once you’ve captured your pitch on video. Sometimes you can fall in love with your own work and have trouble cutting what needs to be cut. But this is essential to improve your marketing strategy. Attention spans have gotten shorter, not longer. If people are skipping thirty-second TV commercials, they’ll shut down your five-minute video in a heartbeat, unless you know how to create powerful videos. 

Test It

The last step in creating powerful videos is testing. Prior to release, assemble a focus group of members of your target audience (pay them if necessary) to see if you have succeeded in the quest to create powerful videos. Don’t ignore their feedback. Improve your marketing strategy by listening to and heeding their advice. Make whatever changes are suggested.

A Final Secret

It does no good to create powerful videos if they aren’t seen by anyone. 

After production and testing, it’s time for the final stage in the journey to create powerful videos: get them in front of your target audience. Place them on YouTube first, then put links on Facebook and Twitter. Email an invitation to view your video to your database of contacts, or rent email lists to increase your exposure.

The ability to create powerful videos is growing more important every day. By using the tips above, you, too, can improve your marketing strategy and watch as they breathe new life into your marketing strategy.

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