Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How was your working day today?

I want to share with you how awesome was my working day. One month ago, I chose a particular small home based business opportunity (webmarketing / emarketing), I completely transformed my life as I became a small home based business owner. I do not want to sell you anything, just show you that it is possible if you really choose it and have commitment drive and focus to succeed in any small home based business opportunity. In fact, I should say, you could it by choosing a good legitimate home based business opportunity because there is so much scam. You must be careful when choosing the small home based business opportunity perfect for you. In my case, I chose webmarketing / emarketing for the strong leverage, the development of knowledge and the fact that this field is always evolving quickly. There is also the gratitute to develop our leadership as helping other to reach their own outcomes, to share with other. I am proud to be able to interact and help others.Watch this video and enjoy your working days.... as a small home based business owner...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

tools to succeed in any work at home jobs

work at home jobs success require strong MINDSET with commitment, drive and focus. Prepare your mind to start a successful work at home job! Powerful mindset = reach your goal of work at home jobs success. Be part of the 3% of people having success in work at home jobs!
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Video : Tools to differentiate legit work at home jobs from work at home scam

Interested to choose work at home jobs? Select the legit work at home opportunity perfect for you and avoid work at home scams by watching this helpful video showing how to recognize work at home scams. Select legit work at home opportunities, as emarketing / webmarketing offers and be prepared for success!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to recognize legitimate work at home opportunities?

Attract by the concept of work at home jobs? Welcome in a group of several million of people!
Unfortunately, many of these new work at home entrepreneurs eventually regret their choice and failed. Many reasons to explain this failure.

  1. hard to distinguish legitimate work at home opportunities from scam

  2. Mindset : commitment, drive and focus

  3. effort, work, persistence, patience

  4. level of compensation plan

Focusing on the first reason in the particular discussion, it is fundamental to understand that it can be hard to distinguish legitimate work at home opportunities from scam.

Here are some questions you should answer while considering any work at home opportunity:

  • Is the company offering the work at home opportunity recognized and well established?

  • If you do a search with “name of the company, scam” on the internet (google or other), is there many reports coming?

  • What are the required tasks and how is the work?

  • Do you need to pay to start to work?

  • What will be the compensation plan?

  • Who will pay you and when?

Answering these questions for the different offers of legit work at home opportunities you consider should help to make your choice with much more confidence.
You should be able to find good commentaries in an internet search, and asking about scam for this particular company, you should not find many responses. I also need to realize, in any case, you will probably find some specific commentaries of scam for any work at home opportunity even it is fully legitimate. In fact, some people will always find this is a scam because they did not succeed.
Be suspicious with these types of offers :

  1. easy money, no work

  2. earn thousands of dollars in the first 15 minutes

  3. pay a fee and start to earn big money

  4. any responses in internet search about the compagny

Answering these questions about work at home opportunities should really help to distinguish legit work at home opportunities from scam. Nevertheless, if your still skeptical and are uncomfortable with a particular work at home opportunity, trust your gut and forget about this particular “opportunity”.
Lelia Raynal
Live with passion

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

starting my home based business : beginning of a success story

Are you looking for work at home opportunities?
Watch this video, visit the website http://newmarketing4dummies and be prepared to transform your life!

You will see a clear example of legitimate and proven opportunity to start a work at home business and succeed

Monday, September 7, 2009

Is there any successful work at home experiences that we can trust?

As announced in my last topic, here is the second part of the series I propose to you about work at home business. As many of you, I was tired of my professional life. I was tired to be dependant of a boss blocking my career development, or not prepare to permit to prosper as an expert. I was tired to work so much without the return of time investment I should be expecting. And finally, I was tired to spend hours in traffic, to not have time with my family and my animals. I decided that was to much and that I will fire my boss in a successful way!
So, I decided to consider to start working at home. By doing a quick search in search engine, it is easy to find tons of offers for presumably incredible work at home opportunities. Most of those are just scam.
If it was so easy to make money from home, much more people would be rich at this time and recession would have had any impact on people actually!
Nevertheless, my own research for a “work at home review” shown me that there are real, valuable work at home opportunities. We can find successful work at home experiences for people like you and me. They are not guru’s in a particular fields, they did not invest thousands of dollars.
Would you like to share your own successful experience of working at home?
I my next topic, I will share with you concrete elements to consider to identify and select legitimate and interesting home base business. There are several field to explore corresponding to different interest. Follow me!
If you want right now more information about my successful experience in online business from home : http://NEWMARKETING4DUMMIES.COM

Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to succeed in a work at home business?

As many others, I am tired of long weeks of work without any more satisfaction, value, recognition, money at the end? I am tired to not have time to play with my childrens, to travel as I want.
Or on the other way, for women at home, you could be tired to have no opportunities to make interesting valuable job at home.
The idea of working at home is extremelly popular and attractive.
I propose to share my experience with yours and tricks about how to start a successful work at home!
In the next days, I will post new topics about this great subject, intereting for many of us.
I am waiting for your comments and ideas. Together, we will make these topics as useful and interesting as possible for the community

I will be back soon with the next topic! Follow me...