Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to recognize legitimate work at home opportunities?

Attract by the concept of work at home jobs? Welcome in a group of several million of people!
Unfortunately, many of these new work at home entrepreneurs eventually regret their choice and failed. Many reasons to explain this failure.

  1. hard to distinguish legitimate work at home opportunities from scam

  2. Mindset : commitment, drive and focus

  3. effort, work, persistence, patience

  4. level of compensation plan

Focusing on the first reason in the particular discussion, it is fundamental to understand that it can be hard to distinguish legitimate work at home opportunities from scam.

Here are some questions you should answer while considering any work at home opportunity:

  • Is the company offering the work at home opportunity recognized and well established?

  • If you do a search with “name of the company, scam” on the internet (google or other), is there many reports coming?

  • What are the required tasks and how is the work?

  • Do you need to pay to start to work?

  • What will be the compensation plan?

  • Who will pay you and when?

Answering these questions for the different offers of legit work at home opportunities you consider should help to make your choice with much more confidence.
You should be able to find good commentaries in an internet search, and asking about scam for this particular company, you should not find many responses. I also need to realize, in any case, you will probably find some specific commentaries of scam for any work at home opportunity even it is fully legitimate. In fact, some people will always find this is a scam because they did not succeed.
Be suspicious with these types of offers :

  1. easy money, no work

  2. earn thousands of dollars in the first 15 minutes

  3. pay a fee and start to earn big money

  4. any responses in internet search about the compagny

Answering these questions about work at home opportunities should really help to distinguish legit work at home opportunities from scam. Nevertheless, if your still skeptical and are uncomfortable with a particular work at home opportunity, trust your gut and forget about this particular “opportunity”.
Lelia Raynal
Live with passion

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