Monday, October 5, 2009

Small home based business entrepreneur : Keys to be successful

Much people lose a lot of money, are scammed by illegitimate offers, and lose years and years trying to have success with bad opportunities.

Because there are tons of supposedly incredible offers on the web claiming you would earn ton of money easily without working!
There are several points to consider and to take care about to go away from scam, keep your money, find REAL legitimate work at home opportunities and ensure your success in any kind of legitimate opportunity.
First, search and look carefully the offers keeping in mind the following points :

1. Go away from offers announcing easy money, without requirement of work, which would give you lot of money in hours or days.
2. Make web research about offers you would consider. Search for continuous patterns of complains about specific companies or offers recognized as scams.
3. When you find a potential offer, do not jump on it to fast. Look carefully on the different aspect of the opportunity as initial investment, expertise, type of work, quantity of work or potential leverage of the work.
4. Obtain satisfied answers to most important question as "Is it legal? Can I get my money back if that doesn't work? What type of waranty is it provide to you?
5. Can I do it without having done it before? How hard is it? What kind of support will I get?

By selecting a satisfying offer for you, you will have done an important step in the process of starting a successfull small home based business. Nevertheless, you still need to implement the most crucial ingredient for a recipe of success: YOURSELF. YOU are the MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT in your success whatever is your choice of small home based business opportunity.

Every successful enterpreneur have in common several elements about themselves:

- As a new entrepreneur, you have to change your way to work, to think about your way to be, to think about your responsibility in your career.
- As a new entrepreneur, it is top priority for you to optimize your thinking and emotional structure to access your drive and your full potential. In that way you have to commit to do a lot of personal development continuously.
- Mindset : you need to create a mindset of successful entrepreneur. You are responsible for your success, you have to take massive action and be ready to work harder than you never did before.
- Commitment: you have to be so dedicated to your own success that anything can disturb you, distract you and make you give up. You will have failure, bad day, deception. You have to be prepare to follow through until you reach your goals. You have to have no doubts, only certainties about your future success as a small home based business entrepreneur.
- Drive : you have a take continuous massive action, every single day, have patience and persistence to ensure your success whatever the time it will take.
- Focus : you have to start with your goal, your outcome in mind to keep the direction to where you absolutely want to go in your life.
- WHY : know exactly why you are making so much effort, what are your reasons. A crystal clear WHY you want to create a successful small home based business, all your conscious and more importantly all your unconscious mind will work for your success. Nothing will be able to disturb you if the reason WHY you are starting a small home based business is strong and big and clear.

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